JQuery animate element left and right on hover

So I’m starting to use my blog as a personal on-line library of code snippets that can be used over and over.Need to have a DIV move to right when hovered on and left again when you hover off the DIV?..The css:.welcome { overflow: hidden;}.sectionOverlayWelcome { position: absolute; right: -172px;} The html code:<div class=”leftColumn img[…]

Action click event on JWPlayer with JQuery

So this is my 1st post, so late in the game, but here goes.Had to have a image disappear on click and have the video start playing in JWPlayer.1st part was easy using ‘.click(function ()’ to ‘.hide()’ the image but the ‘PLAY’ action on the player wasn’t.came across a script that did the trick: $(‘a.media’).click(function ()[…]