Custom styles to default Twitter social feed app

Style default Twitter social feed app with injecting css into the head of the iframe on your website. My colleague found this little script somewhere and it works perfect: <script type=”text/javascript”>        $(window).load(function () {            setTimeout( function(){                var iframe = $(‘#twitter-widget-0’);[…]

Converting UNIX Time stamp to jQuery

Getting UNIX Time stamp and convert it to jQuery in a Facebook feed script: (Explaining the Facebook Script here!!) Awesome little plugin from: Have a JSon var that gets all the elements: “var time = fb.created_time;” get’s us the time stamp in UNIX though. Just include the plugin from in the head and[…]

a JSon Facebook page feed – alternative to a RSS feed

A script I got from a collegue to pull in a FACEBOOK page’s feed. This worked wonders with out pulling in the facebook styling! //gets the facebook json feed and ads it to footer div            var url = “|ZZgRi0-cw9D0d546UcGiv0w4fgM”; // change number between “.com/” and “/posts?” to your Facebook page[…]