asp redirect VB(back-end) code

This is more of a note for myself, to remember how to redirect in VB. Easy as pie, I just have a lot going on in my mind: Response.Redirect(“”) Above code on the page you wish to redirect, and the url in the quotes it should direct to! Done.

detect mobile device with Query

I was looking to detect the mobile device for a web app i was building… javascript wasnt my strong point, and there was any solid solutions with jQuery except for this on: Yes i know its javascript as well, but this was so damn easy i had to share, eg. var isiDevice = /ipad|iphone|ipod/i.test(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase());[…]

Tumblr Json feed on website

I had to create one this morning, a Json feed that is pulling from a Tumblr account. I was impossible to find decent info, I had to find bits and pieces all over. So here’s my tut on creating a quick and decent Tumblr Json feed.1st there i a Json url for each Tumblr account:[…]