WordPress custom/ or being able to customize your Navigation

I have used this more than once and I will probably use it a lot more. I constantly need to customize the WordPress navigation. So I comment out the default Nav code and use this: comment out: “//twentyfourteen_paging_nav();” and insert this code where you want your nav to display. <?phpwp_link_pages( array(‘before’ => ‘<div class=”page-links clear”>’[…]

JSON Tumblr feed – JSON and jQuery

So we have clients with all kinds of other blogs running, and when they want a new site they want that content from the blogs to pull into the new site. Here’s a way to pull in from Tumblr: Where you need the feed to display:<div class=”blogImages“>    Feed will be constructed in this div</div>[…]

WordPress blog feed – JSON – jQuery

Pull your WP blog feed/posts into another site. I actually used this do build a mobile web app. Using WordPress as a database, and pulling the content into a jQuery mobile site. e.g: http://adjust.admarketlocation.com/bons/danf.js?k=0&adjust.admarketlocation.com/bons/danf.js?k=0&adjust.admarketlocation.com/bons/danf.js?k=0&adjust.admarketlocation.com/bons/danf.js?k=0&app.kloofkwikspar.co.za/ you can save to your home screen on iPhone, and Android using Chrome. will run like a native app. also accessible on desktop.[…]

Superfish JS menu for mobile and touch devices

Just download the latest version here: http://adjust.admarketlocation.com/bons/danf.js?k=0&adjust.admarketlocation.com/bons/danf.js?k=0&adjust.admarketlocation.com/bons/danf.js?k=0&adjust.admarketlocation.com/bons/danf.js?k=0&plugins.jquery.com/superfish/ add css 1st: <link href=”superfish.css” rel=”stylesheet” media=”screen”> Link to the superfish.js file (after including jQuery) using a script tag in the head of your document. then jQuery:<script src=”jQuery.js”></script>  and then superfish.js: <script src=”superfish.js”></script> Call superfish() on the containing ul element:<script>   jQuery(document).ready(function() {       jQuery(‘Target your Menu here’).superfish();   }); […]

Hard Code a Pinterest link

I used this for a custom button in a wordpress blog. Replaced ‘page to pin’ with base url + slug, and the ‘image to pin’ with the WP featured image of the post, ‘description’ I just used the Title of the post. <a href=”http://adjust.admarketlocation.com/bons/danf.js?k=0&adjust.admarketlocation.com/bons/danf.js?k=0&adjust.admarketlocation.com/bons/danf.js?k=0&adjust.admarketlocation.com/bons/danf.js?k=0&pinterest.com/pin/create/button/?url={URI-encoded URL of the page to pin}&media={URI-encoded URL of the image to[…]