First time using SASS and LESS. Variables not showing

This is just quick post on SASS and LESS… Well more on LESS

I noticed the .less file was not creating the variables… so there was no CSS in place of the variable.

2 things to take note of.. make sure Apache or your VB site can read a .less file.
Apache = create a .htaccess file and add “AddType text/css .less
VB = in <system.webServer> add the following

      <mimeMap fileExtension=”.less” mimeType=”text/css” />
    </staticContent >”

and then amke sure the file is labeled correct as a less file:
link rel=”stylesheet/less” href=”styles.less”

rel‘ is important, it needs to be “/less” or it will not convert the variables correctly.

If you have that set you should be good to go.

(Thanks to the guys solving the problem. I got the info from different sources, “” and ““)

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